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Finding Inspirtation

The most in depth and powerful topic among the musician world is easily that of inspiration.  Where and how do we tap into or draw from?  The beautiful answer is the most simple and still the most honest: everywhere. One of the best pieces of advice that I have ever heard was to keep your mind open.  Accept anything and be open to everything that you experience and just watch as you are potentially brought to ne

Practice Routine

One of the things that was difficult for me was deciding exactly what to practice and how often. The reality is that it’s very simple to practice if you can develop a routine geared towards the type of practicing you’re doing.  When you are attempting to learn a new piece you should use a different technique than when you are attempting to develop technique. Also, developing speed is a completely dif

Practice Time

Probably the most common question I get from any student or parent is, “How much should I practice”.  I feel the need to be honest with you here and state the obvious, “However much you want”. The rate of your “improvement” (and i use this term loosely as I consider it a negative word) is pretty comparable to the amount of practice you put in.  But don’t misunderstand. It

I Suck At Guitar

With the level of insecurity and self deprivation in this statement, you may want to just hang a neon sign around your neck that has the same encouraging word collection (Sarcasm). Honestly, I think it’s better to state the obvious. The statement should be, “Somebody once told me I wasn’t very good and I let them get into my head”. Or the even more accurate, “I continue to compare mys

Quality? Or Quantity?

Teaching an instrument is an interesting thing. On one hand we get the opportunity to pass on a life experience and set of skills that was forged from passion. While on the other hand we get the chance to impart knowledge to a world that’s outside of everyday living. A world that is mirrored in almost every way but can still seem so distant to those that have not yet traversed it. But somewhere we lost our wa
  • Testimonials

    We have been so pleased with the patience and unconditional support that our son has received. DJ has really taken the time to teach him how he needed to learn and as a result has great fun learning new music and techniques.

    Sami Wilcox